Sunday, September 2, 2012

Labor Day Weekend and Shredding Day 16

I thought I should start off this entry with this....

This weekend definitely had some set backs, but it's also a case of priorities.  Some would say that exercise should ALWAYS come first, but I feel that time with my family should come first because, really, we don't have much time with us all together AND I can squeeze my exercises in during work days if I can't on weekends.


I did my work out tonight.  Day 16 (L2) done!  And I did pretty well.  I was sweating so hard that I was a bit surprised, but the AC was also off and it's pretty warm anyways, but still... I earned my sweat!  I kinda take it as a good sign that my body is working harder when I feel more drops of sweat rolling off of me.  I also used my new weights, which feel heavier than my old even though they are supposedly lighter.  Seriously?  And when the exercises got too hard, I switched to the lighter ones that I also got, but only for certain exercises (the rest of them, I had to push through).

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