Saturday, September 22, 2012

Shred 23 done and ongoing ideas

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As of yesterday, Day 23 of the Shred (L3) is done, done, done!!!  There are certain moves that are so hard for me, like the "Rock Star Jumps", but I really love the plank moves.  Still find it interesting that I was so nervous to do them because of how other people said how hard the exercises in L2 and L3 were because of all the plank exercises... and then it turns out that I have very little trouble with them, though I do end up bending my knees for some of the push ups.

Youtube has a number of fitness videos, including those with Jillian Michaels.  I'm going to look through some of them.  I have a list of her DVDs I plan to buy, and it would be great to get a look at them first to see whether I should buy them or not, and which ones I should buy first.  Currently, I'm leaning towards "Ripped in 30", her extreme shreds, and her yoga.  I'm also tempted to look at some of her books.

A couple of days ago, I found two of my workout books.  One was from SHAPE and one was "Bottoms Up" by Joyce Vedral.  So tempting to draw masks on Vedral's face to continue the theme of Super Hero Workouts.  Anyways, I will be going through these books to come up with a workout plan.  I want to take inspiration from how Jillian combines upper and lower body training, both to shorten the workout time and to burn more calories.  Keep things interesting.

I'm really proud of myself for continuing my workouts this long.  Still haven't had a soda, which makes me at least one month clean from them!  I'm adding more organics to our diets, looking more into GMO-free products, and trying to find a way to do this without spending more and with limited time.

Keeping motivated.  :-)

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