Tuesday, September 11, 2012

DO(n't) (qu)IT

I haven't done my Shred since last Wednesday (9/5).  But I'm putting this into perspective.  It's not a failure.  A failure is if I allow myself to fall back into old habits and if I choose not to work out simply because life gets in the way occasionally.  I needed the break and there were other things going on.  I did, however, do a lot of walking this weekend AND I've been trying to make better dietary choices.  Still haven't had a soda, which means I've gone without for 3 weeks.  When Hubby and I went out to eat, I chose grilled over fried and so on.  I'm not worried about being good or bad, about cutting out anything that's high calorie or fatty, but just choosing better ways of managing them.  The Salted Caramel Mocha from Starbucks might not have been the healthiest choice, but with drinking more water, no soda, and less coffee, I think that's not too bad.  Last night, I decided I just wanted to have one of my cocoa-banana-spinach smoothies for dinner, and it felt great (I had two glasses worth which lasted through the evening).

Improvement is still improvement.

I may have not worked out last night, but I spent quality time with my children and did some much needed cleaning.  Tonight, I my goal is to add my workout back into this.  It's Pizza Night tonight, so that should make it a little easier.  I got to work at a better time today, which will make it easier to get home.

What I would like to do... I would like to do my main workout right after work, but also do a quick yoga session in the mornings before going to the office (so I'm not sweaty!!!) and then maybe do some other exercises with the kids after dinner.

Sometimes, however, rest can do a body good.  Believe it or not!!!  After a few days of rest, my progress became more obvious for Hubby (though I think nearly a week off is a bit much, no?).  He said my upper leg is definitely more solid feeling when he poked my leg while I was walking by.  He saw a definite increase to my bicep when I flexed, even though he didn't think he would.  He seemed a little surprised when I opened my last Smirnoff Ice without needing his help and without needing to grab a silicon heat pad to help me.  (Small victories are still victories.)

In all truths, I thinking I also needed that rest to allow certain parts of my body to heal.  My ankles started to hurt, and that hurt was increasing over the weeks.  As of today, my ankles feel fine.  My shoulders, which have had moments of feeling "off", are feeling fine too.  I'm feeling ready to get back into it again.  (With how flabby I feel, which can be somewhat just a mental thing, I really need to!)  I've also started figuring out what directions I want to take my workouts after my Shred is done.  So, here's to continuing after a "short" break.  :-)

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