Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day 19 and 20

I completed day 20 of my Shred today.  Forgot to post that I did day 19 yesterday.  The rest really helped, I think.  Not only to allow my muscles a chance to heal, but also to help me feel a little re-motivated.

Today, I realized that I have a harder time really talking myself through the final reps if I'm stressed about having to hurry (like needing to be done in time to rinse and then pick up the kids from daycare).  I am, however, really trying to talk myself through the moves, just to push myself a little harder.  I feel a little like I'm cheating because I've been mostly using the lower weights, but now I'm getting through more of the moves.  Another thing I realized is that it really helps for me to know exactly how many I'm going to be doing.  If I can count them out, I can push myself through them.  So I plan to sit down and count out how many reps are in each of the sets per circuit.

I can definitely feel my muscles tonight, and I could feel them yesterday too.  That slight tightness after the workout... It's pretty cool.  I've done other workouts that left your muscles wobbly the first day and then super tight the following days.  I miss those workouts a bit, but the Shred has been making me sweat more.  Maybe I'll eventually do the Shred as a form of cardio while doing other weight training on the side.

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