Tuesday, September 25, 2012

She Hulking through Day 24

Marvel Comics
Today was Day 24 of the Shred.  I wore my "She Hulk" exercise outfit, which is a very bright purple top and shorts with white detailing on the shorts.  Eventually, I may even look beautifully tough like her too... minus the green skin and hair.  ;-)

I'm actually impressed with my progress.  The "Rock Star" jumps and lunge jumps are getting easier to do.  I'm able to get through a number of the moves using heavier weights and/or doing more of the advanced moves for a number of the reps.  When I finished the workout today, I felt really good.  My mood was lighter, the world seemed a little more calm... My muscles feel really good right now.  The word I would use to describe this is "awesome".

Marvel Comics
Before I started the Shred, I felt so bad about myself.  I couldn't stick to a workout plan, didn't feel I had time, couldn't seem to control myself when it came to certain habits (like soda).  Now I feel different.  I don't feel thinner, but I feel stronger.  I feel more confident and in control of the things I know I should be able to control.  I feel I have more direction, a better idea of where I am and what changes I can make for the health of my family and myself.  I've stuck to this workout for over a month.  I haven't done it every single day, but I've been doing it, making time to do it, and that's an improvement.  Most weeks, I work out up to 5 days.  I see some changes in my body.

Another change is that I've been getting a little more sleep, something that I just could seem to get before.

The most important thing is to work towards changes (for improvement) AND to acknowledge the changes, no matter how small they might be.  I'm feeling good.

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