Sunday, September 16, 2012

Day 21 and loving yourself

I did day 21 of the Shred last night at 11pm after I got home from Mom's house.  Son helped me.  Even though he wanted yogurt with raisins and a few chocolate chips in it (not something I would have added at that time of night, but Hubby deserves to give Son a few special treats too), he actually wanted to do the Superhero Workout with me more!!!  Even though I didn't sweat as much or feel my heart rate increase as much, having Son on my back most of the time definitely increased the intensity by adding over 30 lbs to my body mass.  Whew!

I also wore a Thor "helmet" during the first part of the workout.  Heh heh heh.  That's definitely taking it to a new level, but my son loved it.

The picture at the top of this entry says a lot... and is the person I want to be.  Busy, but still able to be the person who is able to balance my goals and priorities.  I wouldn't mind being the person others look to and say, "I have no idea how you do it."  Wait... I've already had people say that... and it's increasing.  :-)   I also had another person tell me that she started doing the Shred a few weeks ago and it seems it might be because of my fitness updates on Facebook.  A guy at work, who is a fitness buff and incredibly shy (though the first impression a number of people have of him is that he's full of himself... how wrong that impression is!) said he'd be willing to help me with exercise ideas, tips, and also to help me with my form.  We'll see how that goes, but he seemed impressed and seemed to respect a lot of my reasons and goals for getting fit.

An image I posted a few weeks back said the basic timelines for when progress would be seen by the individual and others.  I've noticed changes, off and on (even today).  Hubby's mentioned some improvements.  Someone at work has made comments too.  Granted, it could be in how I'm carrying myself, dressing, and my new hair cut (and styles), but he said I'm looking great lately.  (I should just take that as a compliment.  :-p)  Regardless, I'm getting closer to where I want to be simply because I'm doing more now to get there than before.

A funny thought struck me.  Months ago, I heard, "You are a winner.  You beat millions of other people just to be conceived!"  But a few moments ago, I thought, "How did the little half of 'me' beat the others?  By being the strongest and fastest and most determined or diligent."  I know that probably sounds strange, but in truth, just being conceived is a hell of an accomplishment.  Surviving gestation and birth are two more.

Somehow, that actually motivates me a little.

*source unknown*
I also heard on one of the Jillian podcasts a line that struck me as well.  "Your body is your friend."  It wants to lose weight when you are obese, so it aids you in that (unless there's some imbalance going on).  It wants to keep you at a "safe" weight (which is why vanity pounds are so hard to lose).

There are so many times that people talk about their bodies like it's an enemy.  They insults parts of it ("I hate my thighs"), they feed it junk (like twinkies), punish it for not doing what they want (like starving it), and/or they let it laze about even though that's not what the body is designed for.  They alter parts with surgery or they get upset when it doesn't get to a weight or size they want or when it ages, refusing to see that their body (especially a healthy body) is a GIFT!

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