Thursday, October 4, 2012

Let's be honest...

This came up a few times in the last week.  The last time was at the doctor's office today.  What it all boils down to, once again, is personal accountability.  People want to justify themselves by saying, "I don't have time."  To be fair, in some cases, that might be true.  But in most (maybe even in those "some cases"), the truth is that is we really wanted to do something, we would.  The reason for not being able to do that "something" wouldn't be lack of time.  At least, that's from what I have seen and experienced.

I haven't worked out for nearly a week.  I could say it's lack of time, and I have.  In fact, it just was not a priority.  If it was, I would have MADE time.  I could have worked out with my kids in the room or while they ate dinner.  I could have forced myself to stay awake after my son fell asleep and worked out then.  Heck, I could have tried getting up earlier and exercising before going to work.  My priorities were elsewhere; in mental and physical rest when I could get it, working on the apartment, and so on.  I will be starting up again tomorrow.  :-)

My nutritional intake has been... well... I've not been eating as healthy as I could be, but I could have been doing worse in many ways.  Happily, I still haven't had any soda!  I also have my family eating more organic foods.  Progress continues.

I saw this and thought of Mom, who has been looking for ways to mix up her routine. Reasons Boomers Should Try Crossfit

Also, here's a nice video about Jump Roping as your Cardio.  Happy me, I just found one of my jump ropes last weekend.  :-)

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