Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Week Off, Jumping the Rope, and Nummies in Jars

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I took another week off from working out.  It was Shark Week and there were other things that I felt were a priority at the time.

Yesterday, though, I tried jump roping, but didn't get a real work out in.  My son has a jump rope now and my daughter stole mine... we ended up running around with the ropes looped around their waists and them acting like ponies pulling my husband and I around.  It was cute and fun.  My daughter tried jumping roping, which was really her holding the handles, the rope laying stagnant behind her, and her jumping around like a squirrel on caffeine.

When I finally got to jump roping after the kids were dropped off, I only did it for a few minutes... The weather shifted and it started to rain.  Fine.  But then there were the maitenance guys within view where I was trying to jump.  Fine.  And my new jump rope is too long.  Fine.  And I realized I'm not sure exactly how I'm supposed to do the exercise.  The way we jump rope as kids is not really the way we are supposed to jump rope as adults, especially for exercising purposes.  So, I will be adjusting the length of my rope (good thing it was less than $3) and I will be trying again.  Here are links to assist in the actual form and exercises for jump ropes.

Learn How to Jump Rope Like a Pro: 7 Tips

10-Minute Workout: Jump Rope to Skip Yourself Slim

I'm watching my food intake again.  It's such a good thing that my kids like to eat healthy foods and will usually give the meals a chance.  I am still amazed (and a bit proud) that my kids love to eat veggies, fruit, and healthy dairy foods!  They ask for it, even!  We don't have to hide these foods in other foods (I really am not into "stealthy meals") and my kids do tend to trust that I'm not going to give them yucky stuff.  Sometimes, they LOVE the healthy stuff that I'm 'blah' about.  How cool is that?!?

This week, I will start working out again after yet another break.  I will be working on a budget for groceries, etc.  We switched even more of our dairy to organic dairy products.  Actually, I think all our dairy, our meat (just chicken thighs), and our meats purchases during our grocery trip were organic.  It was a jump in price, but I will be sitting down and figuring out how so and how to make it work out better next time.  We also bought mason jars, plastic lids, and two smaller plastic mason containers, and a few other things, that affected the price.  Still... I think it's worth of organics when it comes to peace of mind.  We would just eat smaller portions (like we are supposed to), buy more local, buy in season, be less wasteful, etc.  Obviously, pizza nights are going to be changing quite a bit too... like not getting cheap pizzas but start making them at home.  Still might not be whole grain for those and the dough would not be homemade if its not gluten free, but its still a step up.

I hope to post a few links that I've heard about which explain what items are best to purchase organic, which seafoods are best farmed or wild, and so on.  Even with the produce that doesn't need to be organic, it might be worth switching those simply because they would also not be GMOs.  I'm still figuring it out, because (sadly) there needs to be a balance between cost and health.

Now... for fun "In A Jar" recipes and ideas!  :-)

Found on Pinterest.  Don't know original source.

Salad in a Jar

Chili and Cornbread Jar

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