Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 26 and No Go...

Day 26 of my Shred is done (L3), as of yesterday.  Once again, I think the time off was helpful.  It felt amazing this time... except... when I got so dizzy that the room began to spin, even while I was laying down.  I pushed myself a little to see if I could work myself out of that, but realized quickly that if I did, I might over push myself.  One thing I've learned over my life is to listen to my body and listen to my intuition.  Both said to rest for a moment.  That was fine though, because I was able to quickly start making dinner, which took little prep and could cook while I continued my workout.  I did have a little pain later in the evening, probably from the Sumo Jumps and Jump Lunges and such.

Unfortunately, I didn't get to workout tonight.  I got home late from work, which gave me just enough time to get dinner in the oven before picking up the kids.  Then it became the usual evening blend of craziness and routine.  My daughter was very clingy (probably teething) and my son was constantly hungry (likely a growth spurt coming on).

If I wake up early tomorrow morning, I'm going to do my workout then (or at least jump rope for a while).  I've been waking up early due to my own circadian rhythm, but then getting myself to go back to sleep.  For some reason, when it's early in the morning, my brain says, "Hey, more sleep would be good!" even though it rarely actually makes me feel more rested at that point.  I also know part of it is that I want to sleep in my bed, at least for a little while, but with my daughter that's also a no go.  She seems to sense that I'm in the room and starts demanding to be nursed... and I've never been able to sleep while nursing her (probably because I forced myself to stay awake, through severe exhaustion, to safely nurse her while she was a newborn).  So, tomorrow I will try a change, staying awake and working out, and see how that goes.

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