Wednesday, June 19, 2013


From my private fitness entry "Roleplay into Reality" on October 5, 2011:
Would healthier me drink sodas?  Very likely not.  Not even on occasion, though if she did, she wouldn't be upset about it.  Would healthier me eat cheese balls?  No way!  Would healthier me do her workouts three nights a week?  At least!!!  Very likely more than that!  Would healthier me try to stay more upbeat?  Yes.  Is healthier me a "Super Mom"?  I don't really know.  She would do what she needs to do and do some of what she wants to do, but she wouldn't really see herself as more than herself.  No need for a "Super Mom" title.

Healthier Me would definitely not be doing some of the things Ordinary Me has been doing, but Ordinary Me has been improving.  Healthier Me would see the improvements and point them out to Ordinary Me, so why not remind myself of them?
Flash-forward to today... 

  • I don't drink soda and carbonated drinks (like seltzer) anymore.  My last soda was on 8/18/2012.  Almost a year!!!
  • I haven't had a cheese ball or cheese curl in a long time.  Can't even remember the last time I had one.  I do remember that I liked them, but I have no craving for them.  Didn't eat any at my son's graduation (though there was a huge bowl of cheese curls and the kids were loving them); I wasn't even tempted.  Pretty awesome.
  • I haven't been working out at least 3 days/nights a week, but I am still trying to do something.  I have been walking 30 to 60 minutes a day, usually 4 to 5 times a week, which is better than when I wrote the original post.  AND I am trying to figure out how to incorporate workouts into my schedule more effectively.
  • I'm definitely more upbeat.  I've been more flexible ('jellyfishing') about many things but also finding routines that work better.  I take my medications more diligently and have a system that makes this easier.  I find that figuring out what my priorities are really helped.  What are my priorities?  My children.  My husband.  My self.  My family.  Everything else has it's own place in the scheme of things.
  • I wouldn't call myself "Super Mom", but others have called me that, even just yesterday.  To them, I joke that I am "Wonder Mommy."  I know I am doing a decent job and am consistently trying to improve, reminding myself of certain mottos, inspirational quotes and suggestions, and so forth.

Wow!  Maybe I did meet my base goals from that entry!  How cool is that???   Compared to the Ordinary Me from 10/2011, my current Ordinary Me is actually my past self's Healthier Me!

So now... I guess I should start thinking about what my Healthier Me would be from the viewpoint of my current Ordinary Me... This is actually pretty exciting.

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