Thursday, June 27, 2013

At the crack of dawn... Ugh...

This week, I started jogging in the mornings before work.  So far, it's not up to my every workday goal, but it's a start.  I jogged on Tuesday and today and plan to do so tomorrow as well.  A 5 minute walk to warm up, then sets of 1 minute jog and 4 minute walk (for the time I'm out, which is a min of 30 minutes, max of 1 hour), a 4-5 minute walk to cool down, and then approx 5 minutes of stretches (15 seconds for each position).  I'm not feeling the mood shift, at least not an obvious one, but I feel good about getting a cardio workout done before I start the day.  If I don't get any other chance to workout, at least I did something more than my mid-day walk (which is more leisure than exercise).  I may start adding some strength training in too, once I get the jogging habit more firmly in place.

An issue I have is that I'm not getting enough restful sleep.  Last weekend was a bad sleep weekend.  Sunday night I stayed up to spend some time with my husband.  Monday I think my mind was a little too focused on getting up to run early because I kept waking up throughout the night.  Tuesday night I had sick kids to contend with and then last night I had the same issue as Monday night (waking up several times thinking it was time to jog).  My body and mind will adjust, I'm sure.  If or when my husband gets a day job, I may shift my jogging to later in the day, simply because the muscles are looser and warmer later in the day, making it a safer time (physically) to jog.  Then again, hubby was home yesterday and I didn't get my jog in... so perhaps it would have to remain a part of my morning routine...

I've started a Work-Out Accountability Calendar where I can track my workouts more visibly.  If I have to show what I'm doing, then perhaps I will make more progress.  It would also make it easier for me to figure out workout days without needing to refer to my date book (which I should also write the workouts in as well). I also created a Daily Food Calendar, so I can try keeping semi-track of my food again, but in a more comfortable manner.

Below are more fitness links I looked through and will be looking through again while working towards my goals.

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